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Purchase Power Light Trailer



-4 high performance variable led flood lights, Lights can be turned on/off manually or by timer.


-Note: Two (2) totally independent off-grid solar lighting systems housed within a single mobile unit. 50000 hours. Two (2) Maximum Power point tracking ( MPPT ) solar charge controllers.


-1 wind generator ( wind turbine, controller and controls.)


-Durable, vented steel trailer system. -12' To 30' Telescoping Light Tower 360 degrees of rotation.


-4 high wind outriggers ( High-wind package with additional 2ea front outriggers and jacks plus 4ea solar wing telescoping and lockable tele-struts-brackets.


-(12) 100 watts solar panels ( modules ) with 2 pre side electric/hydraulic positioning rams.


-HVR-N- Dual battery bank, 16 AMG deep cycle batteries ( no maintenance batteries ).


-Battery charge meter. -Rapid dual-bank AC battery charger (for backup) with cord.


-(2) inverters: 2000 and 3000 watt inverters installed inside with exterior on/off switch and lighted GFI 120 volt wet in use receptacles.


-Security system: Cable / keyed locks security system for stabilization legs, control system and light tower.


-2 inch ball hitch.


-Hours: 1572


-Condition: Used/Excellent




Purchase Power Light Trailer

  • Cancellation Policy

    You may cancel a scheduled service at any time, subject to the following: if you cancel before 24 hours of scheduled job start time, there is no cancellation fee; if you cancel less than 24 hours before scheduled start time of job, you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. When issuing a refund for the cancelled job through the 3rd party merchant service your refund will be $25.00 less than the total amount that was paid. We reserve the right to establish, remove and/or revise our cancellation policy or cancellation fees at any time in our discretion. *

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