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Off Road Recovery for Jeeps

Ranked #1 in Off Road Services-Over 100 yrs of combined experience

to make your next Jeep trip seamless


If your jeep is stuck or broken, and other jeepers or local tow companies have failed to recover your rock crawler, this service is for you! 


Service Includes:

-1 Off Road Recovery for Jeeps and/or equivalent size vehicles.

-Response time : 24 - 336 hours. ( Availability permitting : Weather, fires, location and parts ) 


With over 100 years of combined off road experience in trail repairs and a 100% recovery rate. We are the people for the impossible recovery job.


Additional services listed below during recovery may be needed to recover your jeep:

*Parts: We bring parts based on your description and pictures provided. * This is an additional cost (Parts + Labor). 

*Fuel: Up to 10 gallons. * additional cost (Fuel + Labor). 

*Welding: Steel only at this time (seasonal service). *addtional cost (materials + labor).



-Depending on the repair needed, recovery could span multiple days. 

-During recovery your vehicles may be damaged. 

-Check with your insurance company as they may reimburse you for using this service. 


**$1,000 per offroad mile cost is for each recovery vehicle being dispatched to the incident ( each situation can vary the amount of manpower needed for completion ) . Example: If we are responding to a stuck and/or broken Jeep Wrangler that is located in Rubicon Springs California, and we are responding from Rubicon Trail staging area on the Tahoe side, this is approximately a 10 mile round trip of off roading = quantity of 10 in your shopping cart upon check out. 


You do not need to be present at your vehicle for us to recover it (most customers need to return to work). We will need the keys to the Land Cruiser or Bronco beforehand and an additional staff member will be added to drive the vehicle out. (This is an additional charge). Once the vehicle is back on pavement you will need to A: have it towed or B: drive it back home or C: we can deliver it to your desired destination. 


Partnerships : Looking to hire us for your next Jeep Jamboree or adventure trip? Please email us at 


We come to you. Covid 19 Prevention/contact free. 


Service Location:

-Option 1 : Open OHV areas 


Service Areas: Orange County California (Saddleback Mountain), Los Angeles County California (Bouquet Reservoir) , El Dorado County California (Lake Tahoe), San Bernardino County California (Johnson Valley / Hammertown), Fresno County California (Sierra National Forest / Dusy-Ershim OHV Trail), Clark County Nevada (Primm & Jean) 


Who has the cheapest roadside assistance? This is a question that can be looked at in various ways, it depends on the service that is needed. If your jeep crawler is stuck up in Big Bear, the local roadside assistance companies probably are not the right fit. 911 Mobile Mechanic is your go-to for OFF ROAD assistance. They have experienced it and know how to fix it. With over 100 years of combined experience, if you give them your problem they will be providing a solution. When you go on your next Jeeping trip, keep them on speed dial and don't worry if the trip will be cut short, we will be there to keep you going. 


What is the best roadside assistance? If you are looking for a company that has experienced being stuck while OFF ROADING in the desert, mountains and rough terrain, 911 Mobile Mechanic is your best bet. The situations that can occur when Jeeping are endless and 911 Mobile Mechanic knows this first hand. Not only can you be confident in the service you are receiving but you can be sure we are the BEST off road asssitance company you will use. 

*Once purchase is complete, a representative will contact you via email, to schedule your appointment (date/time/location). Please respond to the email with the list of items below:


1. GPS location and/or address

2. Pictures of the vehicle in its current location.

3. Description and pictures of the recovery location and/or repairs needed for the 


4. Picture of the registration

5. Picture of your Driver License.

6. If you are not able to be present for the recovery. Details for the vehicle's key 

location are needed. 

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