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Staffing Mechanics For Your Rideshare Company

Why use 911 Mobile Mechanic Mechanic to conduct your Rideshare inspections?

​1. We have been staffing Rideshare locations for over 8 years. We have worked alongside Rideshare companies and their staff to provide the best service to our drivers. All Uber drivers deserve to work for a company that ensures their vehicle is safe to drive on the road, this is why our 19-Point Rideshare Uber Inspection is thorough and all areas of a vehicle are checked. We want to leave no stone un-turned or any tire unchecked! Safety is our priority and ensuring Uber drivers and Uber Riders are safe. 

​2. All our Mechanics are extensively trained in the importance of vehicle safety and stellar customer service. ​We want to treat all Uber Drivers and Uber Riders like family. This is why we train our Mechanics to be proficient in checking the Rideshare vehicle correctly. A company that places your safety first is looking out for the community. 

​3. We provide a positive experience for all Rideshare Partners. ​When you work alongside 911 Mobile Mechanic you can be sure we are in this together. We have customer service representatives that can provide you assistance and always do it with a smile. When you are successful, we are successful. We set you up with the tools to bring in the Uber Drivers and keep them coming back for their re-inspection when the time comes. 

4. Our Mechanics have also been Certified to conduct Used Vehicle, Motorcycle and RV Inspections. On top of being proficient in vehicle inspections for Rideshare companies, such as Uber. Our Mechanics can provide other valuable services, such as checking the Used car, motorcycle or RV before you make your purchase. Buying a used car can be a great deal but also could cause added stress. Have peace of mind that the car you are purchasing for you and your family is safe. Our Mechanics complete an extensive inspection (interior and exterior) of the car and provide you with a full report, thus you can make the best decision. 

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