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Rideshare Helpful Tips

​At 911 Mobile Mechanic we want to ensure all new drivers or existing Partners are aware of what areas need to be in working order on their vehicle to constitute a pass and be safe to drive on the road. 


Please review the list below and make sure your vehicle reflects them before you have your required Rideshare Inspection completed. 

​1. Both head lights come on and high beams both work.

2. Both tail lights work.

3. All four turn indicators work.

4. All 3 brake lights work.

5. All brakes are in good working condition.

6. Emergency/parking brake works / hold vehicle in place.

7. The steering component are in good working condition.

8. There are no cracks in the windshield or any other glass on the vehicle.

9. All seat belts work correctly (buckle and can be adjusted). 

10. All wiper blades (Front/Rear) must be in good working condition and have no tears in the rubber.

11. The front seats slide all the way forward and backwards to accommodate leg room for all passengers.

12. All 4 doors open, close and lock on the car.

13. The horn works (admits a sound when pressed by driver).

14. The Speedometer works.

15. The Front and Rear bumpers are on the car correctly.

16. The exhaust system is on the car and is not a loud "after market system". All parties should be able to talk at a normal volume level around the vehicle as it is running.

17. All tires are in good condition and the tread is above the low wear bar to prevent hydroplaning.

18. All 3 mirrors are in good working condition and have no cracks in them.

19. The license plate state needs to be the same as the state you will be driving in.

20. Review the following: " Self-reporting vehicle mileage "