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Rental Services 

We come to you! 

 Planning an event? We've got you covered with our comprehensive Rental Services! Here's what we offer:

1. Lighting Rentals: Illuminate your event with our high-quality Solar Light & Power Trailers. Offer ample lighting to your next event or project without the smell of gas or noise. 

2. Traffic Cones and Crowd Control: Ensure safety and organization at your event with our traffic cones and crowd control barriers.

3. Generator Rentals: Keep the power flowing with our reliable generator rentals, ensuring a continuous energy supply for your event.


Hurricane Preparation:


Solar light towers are beneficial for hurricane preparation because they provide reliable lighting even during power outages caused by the storm. Their solar panels capture and store energy from the sun, ensuring that the towers can operate without needing fuel or external power sources. This makes them a sustainable and efficient solution to maintain visibility, safety, and security in emergency situations.

With our rental services, you can focus on enjoying your event while we take care of the logistics.

Contact us today to make your next event a memorable one!


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