Vehicle Reviews 

At 911 Mobile Mechanic, we have the opportunity to drive and service many great vehicles, and we’re often asked by our customers, “What car or truck should I buy and/or do you recommend?” We listened and put together our Pros and Cons to help you choose the best vehicle for you. 


Vehicle reviewed: 2019 Dodge Ram Big Horn 3500 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel 4x4

Pro List:

-16.9 MPG at a set cruise control of 75MPH with 500lbs of cargo in the rear seating area (seats folded up). 1000 miles of driving. Tire PSI set at 80. 

- 18.1 MPG at a set cruise control of 70MPH with 670lbs of cargo in the rear seating area (seats folded up). 1200 miles of driving. Tire PSI set at 60. When climbing hills it will maintain the set cruise control speed with ease. 

-19.6 MPG at a set cruise control of 55MPH with 5500 pounds trailer over 500 miles of driving. Tire PSI set at 60. When climbing hills it will maintain the set cruise control speed with ease. 

- Live weather alerts with a viewing map. Great to know when you are planning a mountain pass, giving you an alternate route. 

- Exterior color (Dark Grey) hides dirt well. 

-No fuel cap.

- When DFE “Low Level” light comes on, it takes 5 gallons to return the level to “full”. 

​Con List: 

-When using the right hand to adjust the radio’s volume, our thumb hits the gear shift lever.

-Gear Shift Lever is too low when in the drive position (D).

​-Engine oil filter replacement location / servicing is not ideal. 

​-Fuel filter service can be expensive. 


Vehicle reviewed: 2016 Kia Soul 

Pro List: 

-Good gas mileage.

-Easy oil change.

-No engine issues.

-Spacious inside vehicle. 

Con List:

-Small presence on the road.

Vehicle reviewed2021 Seltos S


Pro List: 

-Seat fabric has a nice feel and easy to keep clean.

-43 MPG on trip (Drove 160 miles got 39 MPG at 65MPH).


Con List:

-Defective Engine. Needed replacement at 7,500 miles. 

-New engine also defective, engine light coming on at 18,000 miles and engine making rumbling noise and shaking. Dying when stopping at a light. 

-Key is needed to start vehicle. 

-There is a lever to open fuel door. 

-Vehicle has an auto stop button that needs to be pressed every time the vehicle is started or stalls every time vehicle comes to a complete stop.

-Fuel door doesn’t stay open on a slant. 

-New engine burning oil. 1 qt per 500 miles. 

-When car reads empty takes 11 gallons to fill up. 

-Pick up is slow. 

-Visor doesn’t slide. 

-No sun glass holder.

-Lots of blind spots. 

-Backing up sensors do not have sound. 

-Need to open/close rear door manually. 

-Need to move seats manually.

-Rear view mirror is too tiny. 

-Steering wheel is uncomfortable to hold. 


Vehicle reviewed: 2022 Mazda Cx-30 

Pro List: 

-Good gas mileage Avg 33.8 (584 mile road trip / round trip / posted speed limits).

-While using cruise control, the transmission rarely downshifted on hills at freeway speeds.

-Air conditioning works well. 

-White color helps with dirt .

-Regular oil changes / parts are low in cost. 

-Easy to service “oil change". 

-Handled well on long road trips. 

-Great for parking. 

-Large trunk space for this type of car/suv. 

-Seats folded down flat for more space. 

Con List:

-Does not pick up speed quick. 

-Small on the road and most drivers don't see you. 

-Not good long road trips over 200 miles, seats are hard and a lot of road feedback.

-Wind moves cars around a lot on the freeway. 

-Screens are too bright for night driving. 

-Headlights are blue in color, they reflect freeway signs and make them hard to see.

-Small space inside the vehicle for 4 adults.


Vehicle reviewed: 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Sport

Pro List: 

-Good gas mileage Avg 30 highway. 

-Air conditioning works well. 

-Heat seaters come standard.

-Handles well due to changing speed in traffic.

-Cruise control is easy to use. 

-Screen is well lit and easy to read, very modern. 

-Seats are easy to clean. 

-All weather mats in back come standard and are great for dogs. 

Con List:

-Hydroplaned on freeway in heavy rain. 

-Windows needed to be tinted.