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Portable Solar Light and Power Trailer Rental 




911 Mobile Mechanic offers both rental and sales options for solar light towers to businesses and residential customers in California, Arizona, and Nevada, with availability in other areas for an additional fee. Our solar light towers provide sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly lighting solutions ideal for events and hurricane preparation. Powered by renewable solar energy, our light towers reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize carbon emissions, aligning with the growing trend toward green energy solutions.

Our solar light towers operate silently, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as outdoor concerts and festivals. They produce zero emissions, making them perfect for environmentally sensitive areas and indoor venues. Equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities, our solar light towers offer convenience and ease of use, allowing you to adjust settings and monitor performance from a distance.

Designed for reliability, our solar light towers feature built-in battery storage to ensure continuous lighting even during cloudy days or nighttime. They are versatile and can be deployed in various settings, including parking lots, walkways, stages, construction sites, and remote worksites. By incorporating our solar-powered solutions, you can enhance your event's image and appeal to eco-conscious attendees, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

For hurricane preparation, our solar light towers provide off-grid lighting, ensuring safety and visibility during power outages. They offer quick deployment, with easy setup and installation, making them ideal for emergency situations. Renting our solar light towers is a cost-effective solution, providing access to advanced solar lighting technology without the long-term financial commitment of ownership.


Choose 911 Mobile Mechanic for your solar light tower rental and purchase needs. Our solar light towers are perfect for events, emergency preparedness, construction sites, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can help illuminate your next project or event with sustainable, reliable, and eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Cost breakdown for rental:

$300     = 1 day


$750     = 3 days         ( $250 a day )


$1,000  = 5 days        ( $200 a day )


$1,225   = 7 days        ( $175 a day )


$2,475  = 15 days         ( $165 a day )


$4,500  = 30 days      ( $150 a day )


$18,250 = 365 days    ( $50 a day )

Once order is complete and a team member will reach out with the D.S.B.P. fee (drop off , Setup, Breakdown and Pickup charges) based on the job site address and/or GPS coordinates.

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