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Diagnosis Services 

We come to you! 

Experiencing car troubles? Let our experts handle it!


911 Mobile Mechanic offers Vehicle Diagnosis services to identify and fix any issues with your vehicle.  From engine problems to electrical diagnostics, our skilled mechanics will quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with reliable solutions.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. On-the-spot diagnostics: Customers receive immediate diagnostics without having to transport their vehicles to a service center, saving time and hassle.

2. Convenience: We bring diagnostics to your location, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules or those facing vehicle issues in remote areas.

3. Reduced downtime: By providing on-site diagnostics, we can quickly identify the problem and offer potential solutions, minimizing the time the customer's vehicle spends off the road.

4. Faster repairs: With prompt diagnostics, our team can prepare and bring the necessary tools and parts for the repairs, expediting the entire process.

5. Cost-effective: Customers save on towing expenses since the diagnostic vehicle comes to you, making our service more cost-effective and attractive.

6. Personalized service: We offer one-on-one consultations and explanations to all customers, building trust and enhancing your understanding of the vehicle's issues and solutions.

7. Fleet support: For businesses with a fleet of vehicles, our mobile diagnostic service can streamline maintenance and repairs, reducing operational disruptions.

8. Versatility: Our mobile diagnostic vehicle can service a wide range of customers, including individuals, businesses, and even events, providing a diverse customer base.

9. Emergency assistance: We can assist customers in distress or facing unexpected breakdowns, making your service valuable during critical situations.

10. Competitive edge: We offer a unique mobile diagnostic service that sets us apart from traditional repair shops,


Don't let car issues slow you down – schedule a diagnosis appointment today! 

Service areas: Orange County, CA and Los Angeles County, CA only. If you are outside our service areas, we can provide service for additional costs. 

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