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Sunoco Race Fuel Delivery​ ​


Service areas: Orange County, CA and Los Angeles County, CA only.  




At 911 Mobile Mechanic we provide a safe way to fill up the gas tank for your boat, personal watercraft, karts, lawn equipment, muscle and vintage cars. Let us reduce your to-do list by providing you the fuel you need. We will come to you. Say goodbye to unnecessary and time consuming gas station stops. We understand during these times safety is everything and if we can provide the convenience of gas delivery we are doing our part

Optima fuel, commonly known as premium or high-octane fuel, offers several benefits:


1. Improved Engine Performance: High-octane fuel can enhance engine performance in high-compression engines or turbocharged engines by providing more power and better acceleration.


2. Fuel Efficiency: In certain engines, using high-octane fuel can lead to better fuel efficiency, as it can burn more efficiently and completely, maximizing the energy extracted from the fuel.


3. Prevents Engine Knocking: Optima fuel has a higher resistance to premature detonation or knocking, which can occur in engines with high compression ratios. This helps protect the engine and maintain its longevity.


4. Cleaner Combustion: Premium fuel often contains detergents and additives that help keep fuel injectors and intake valves clean, leading to smoother engine operation and potentially reducing maintenance costs over time.


5. Reduced Emissions: Cleaner combustion resulting from the use of high-octane fuel can lead to lower emissions of harmful pollutants, contributing to better air quality and environmental sustainability.


However, it's essential to note that not all vehicles require or benefit from using premium fuel. It's crucial to consult the vehicle's owner's manual or follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the type of fuel to use. Using higher-octane fuel in a vehicle that doesn't require it typically doesn't provide any additional benefits and may be a waste of money.

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