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2003-2008 YZ250F Engine Oil/Filter Service, Lube Chain & inflate tires to 15 PSI

2003-2008 YZ250F Engine Oil / Filter Service, Lube Chain & inflate tires to 15 PSI


**All completed at your home . No need to load the bike and drop it off at the shop. We come to you. 


Service Included:

-1.2 Liters of Yamalube full Synthetic 15w-50 with Ester # Lub-15w50-FS-12


-1 K&N Oil Filter # KN-141, Disposal of oil motor oil / filter


-Chain will be lubricate with Maxima chainwax # 74920


-Inflation of tires to 15 PSI.


Note: regardless of the cleanliness of your dirtbike. All areas being serviced will be cleaned before & after to eliminate any possibility of dirt entering the engine.


Service Location: 


Option 1 : Owner's garage with ample space surrounding the vehicle is ideal.


Option 2 : Owner’s driveway is possible, weather permitted.


Option 3 : Working inside a toyhauler is possible as long as the slide outs are on both sides of the vehicle & can be opened all the way. We request the heater and/or AC unit is running to keep the trailer at a comfortable temperature for the technician.


**We CAN NOT work on the street or sidewalk. 


Service area: Orange County CA 


***Once purchase is made, a representative will reach out via email to schedule your appointments date/time/location. 

2003-2008 YZ250F Engine Oil/Filter Service, Lube Chain & inflate tires to 15 PSI

  • Cancellation Policy

    You may cancel a scheduled Service at any time, subject to the following: if you cancel before 48 hours of scheduled job start time, there is no cancellation fee; if you cancel less than 48 hours before scheduled start time of job, you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. When issuing a refund for the cancelled job through the 3rd party merchant service your refund will be $25.00 less than the total amount that was paid. We reserve the right to establish, remove and/or revise our cancellation policy or cancellation fees at any time in our discretion. *

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